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About Me

Hello, everyone! My name is Syed Imran, and I’m from Chennai. I started my start in graphic design by designing a poster for my own story. As people began to discover my work, I began designing materials for everything, including innovative posters. Today, I am open to any type of design job, but I am always drawn to passion projects that allow me to return to my creative space.

We specialise in logo design, which involves creating one-of-a-kind and distinctive logos that reflect brands and communicate their identity.
Branding and identity: Creating consistent visual identities for organisations, such as colour schemes, typography, and brand guidelines.
Print design involves creating printed items such as brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, periodicals, and packaging.
Digital design involves creating designs for digital platforms such as websites, mobile apps, social networking graphics, and email newsletters.
UI/UX Design include creating user interfaces and experiences for websites, apps, and software to ensure easy navigation and usage.
Illustration entails creating unique illustrations and graphics for a variety of reasons, such as editorial illustrations, infographics, and iconography.

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